Mental Health Advice

Mental health concerns are very common. It can be depression, or anxiety, or stress, or grief, or substance abuse, or anything else. Regardless, the basic treatment suggestions are the same.


Mental health advice into broken down into “3 Pillars of Mental Health Treatment”, in this order of priority:

#1 – Counselling and Relaxation

This is absolutely the most important. Whether it be formal one-on-one counselling, or self-directed online help. Seeking counselling from an expert resources Is crucial.

Visit Here to check all of the local counselling and support options.

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#2 – Healthy Lifestyle

These are areas that are often over-looked, but are very important to your mental health.

Make sure you are getting at least a little bit of exercise each day. Even a 15 minute slow walk outside can help. Try to eat as healthy as you can. Ensure your sleep habits are healthy. Make sure you are devoting time to socialize with family and friends.

Visit Here for more information on these suggestions.

It is truly important is to avoid alcohol and drugs. While they may sometimes help you feel temporarilybetter, they make things worse. Visit Here for more information on Substance Use and Addictions.

#3 – Medications

Medications can play a role for some people, but note that they are not the most important. There is often no hurry to jump to taking medications. First, ensure you are following the above advice for Pillars #1 and #2 (Counselling, Relaxation, and Healthy Lifestyle).

Visit Here for information about medications for mental health.


If you feel you are urgently unwell, please contact local Addiction and Mental Health. They are the central intake point for all mental health related concerns.

They are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

WEBSITE: CMHA Hastings Prince Edward

PHONE: 613-969-7400 extension 2753

If you are emergently unwell and feel your safety is at risk,

please call 911 or visit your local Emergency Department.