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EMR solutions for TELUS PS Suite to improve your workflows, efficiency, and effectiveness.


Explore our library of Stamps for TELUS (PS Suite) EMR.

Custom Forms

Explore our library of Custom Forms for TELUS (PS Suite) EMR.

Advanced Reminders and Searches

Use your EMR to its full potential. Harness the power of advanced EMR Reminders and Searches in order to improve workflow efficiency.

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EMR Tips Video Series

Collaborative Projects

Collaborate with other physicians and professionals to mutually improve workflows.

Mental Health Practice Support Program

Using Ocean technology, Dr. Stewart developed an algorithm to aid in the screening , diagnosis, and treatment of Depression.

Ocean Technology Integration

Learn how to integrate Ocean Technology by CognisantMD into advanced workflow processes in order to optimize efficiency. Examples include:

General Practice Consulting

Stewart Medicine is also available to provide consultation related to any sort of EMR, technology, workflow, and efficiency issues.

5x your Revenue from Uninsured Services

Zero more Work for You as the Doctor

80% Less Work for your Staff with Uninsured Services

  • Officially partnered with the OMA.
  • Access to the knowledge and support from the leading experts in Uninsured Services.
  • Intuitive web-based platforms for both clinic and patient use.
  • Seamlessly implement Annual Plans (Block Fees).

  • Includes incentivizing Staff Rewards Program.

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PatientSERV Official Website

Dr. Stewart’s Info Page

Please email for password to Info Page

FHO Payment Analysis

Summary of FHO model payments and analysis of Outside Use Negation comparing FHO vs Fee-For-Service payments.