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to those who use PatientSERV

5x your Revenue from Uninsured Services

Zero more Work for You as the Doctor

80% Less Work for your Staff with Uninsured Services

  • Officially partnered with the OMA.
  • Access to the knowledge and support from the leading experts in Uninsured Services.
  • Intuitive web-based platforms for both clinic and patient use.
  • Seamlessly implement Annual Plans (Block Fees).

  • Includes incentivizing Staff Rewards Program.

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SOAP Notes and Clinical Presentations

Letters to Patients

Third Party Letters

Differential Diagnosis and Reference

Questionnaires and Metrics

Medication-Related Advice

Plan-Related Documentation


Referral Letters to Consultants

Staff Messages


xOAP Notes

These are stamps that have the Subjective (“S”) part of a SOAP template removed. They are ideal for Ocean users where the patient has already completed most of the Subjective part on a tablet.


Lab Variability Stamps

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