Dr. Stewart is a part of the of the Central Hastings Family Health Team (CHFHT).CHFHT_logo


HOURS: Generally, Dr. Stewart is in his clinic every day of the week, Monday to Friday.


HOW TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT: Call the office at 613-473-4134, press “0” for reception.



SAME-DAY: Call in on the morning you would like an appointment. Phones are answered starting at 8:00am on weekdays. It is advisable to call early in the morning as the day may fill up quickly.

PRE-BOOKED: A portion of each day is allowed to be booked in advance (usually up to 7 appointment slots per day). Many of these slots are used for routine follow up and chronic care visits, but are also available to patients who wish to pre-book. These spaces are limited and may need to be booked weeks in advance.

AFTER-HOURS: Our team offers 5 after hours clinics a week between the two main sites (Madoc or Marmora). If you are a rostered patient at CHFHT, you may attend an after hours clinic and be seen by the physician on duty. Only 13-15 people can be seen during each three-hour clinic. Patients are seen on a “first come, first serve” basis. Please try to use these clinics for urgent care needs only. For chronic issues, it is best to see one’s own regular primary care provider.

A schedule of After-Hours Clinics can be found HERE.


A summary regarding Availability and Access to Visits.

** Update 2019 ** A Message to Patients regarding Dr. Stewart’s busy schedule


A summary regarding Dr. Stewart’s Practice and Quality of Care Statistics.


Dr. Stewart was featured in a nationally recognized article, “17 in 2017” that showcased “17 Physicians Who Helped Shape the Future of Health Care in 2017


Dr. Stewart’s 2019 Annual Report as Lead Physician for the Central Hastings Family Health Team



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