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OPEN LINE, OPEN MIND (aka “310-OPEN“) – Need help, and don’t know where to go? Call 310-OPEN for any mental health concerns. They are available 24/7.


CHILDREN’S MENTAL HEALTH – call (613) 473-1685 for the office in Madoc. For more information on the Madoc office, click here.


SOCIAL SERVICES – for Central Hastings. Financial assistance and employment supports including training and skills development, academic upgrading and work placements.


FRIENDS & NEIGHBOURS SUPPORT CENTRE – Peer Support consumer run centre for those with mental illness seeking mutual support and activities in a safe and social environment.


HASTINGS COUNTY HOUSING SERVICES – provides safe, modest and affordable housing for low income households.


CENTRAL  HASTING SUPPORT NETWORK – delivers programs for the benefit of the Central Hastings community.  Programs are developed and delivered to meet the needs of people suffering from the lack of adequate resources, poverty, age, disability or other vulnerability that impedes participation in the greater community. This includes transportation via Public Transit, and a Food Bank.


COMMUNITY ADVOCACY & LEGAL CENTRE – a non-profit community legal clinic.  We provide free legal services to low income residents of Hastings, Prince Edward and Lennox & Addington counties.


CCAC – community-based health services, Long-Term Care Home Placement Coordination and Information & Referral services.


COMMUNITY CARE  – Community Care for Central Hastings is a non-profit volunteer based agency for seniors and adults with physical disabilities. They offer programs and services to assist patients to reside in their own homes and improve the quality of life.


HOSPICE CARE – The Heart of Hastings Hospice is a community-based, volunteer support service, dedicated to improving the quality of life for those diagnosed with life-limiting illness.


PHYSIOTHERAPY COVERED BY OHIP – the government covers physiotherapy for patients under specific situations.


PUBLIC HEALTH – for Hastings County. Enables people to achieve and maintain optimal health through health protection and promotion, as well as disease and injury prevention.


TRAVEL UNIT – Family physicians not experts in travel medicine. Please consult the local Public Health Travel Unit for expert and up-to-date advice. (Note: travel medicine is not covered by OHIP, so there are some fees charged by the Health Unit for these services).


THREE OAKS SHELTER – shelter and services for abused women and children.




** Here is a PDF file with a 14-page list of all of the local Mental Health and Social Services Resources **


** Here is a PDF with a list of all of the local Prenatal and Well Child Resources **


** Here is a PDF with a list of local Addiction Services Resources (courtesy of Dr. Holowaty) **