Exercise is absolutely one of the best treatments for your mental health – and your entire health in general. Studies show that exercise is even more effective than medications at improving (and maintaining) mental health. Here is a handout with some advice.

If you are looking for a little motivation, here is the famous video called “23 1/2 Hours” by Dr. Mike Evans. It is definitely worth the 5 minutes of your time, if you have never seen it.



A healthy diet is crucial for a healthy mind. You may wish to check out this handout for information on Emotional Eating and tips to avoid eating when you are not hungry.



Sleeping well is essential to improving and maintaining your mental health. CLICK HERE for Dr. Stewart’s webpage on tips for better sleep.



When people feel depressed or anxious, they tend to stop doing the things they used to enjoy. They may stop socializing with friends or family; they may stop exercising or playing sports; they cut back on hobbies; etc. This can make depression and anxiety worse and worse …

Spending time with friends or family is one of the best ways to help your depression or anxiety. Similarly, it is important to do spend time doing the things you enjoy. When you are not feeling well, it may be difficult to get and out do these things, but try to remember just how important they are for your mental health.