We are proud to provide our patients with some of the highest quality and most accessible care in the province. We respect our patients’ time and therefore strive to run on time. However, when patients are late for appointments, it disrupts the flow of the entire office. This causes other visits to be rushed and run behind, which is not fair nor safe to other patients.


Therefore, we have developed the following policy:

  • If a patient arrives less than 10 minutes late for an appointment:
    • The patient will still see be seen. However, the visit will be cut short.
    • For example, if the patient expected to discuss a few different issues in that one visit, there may only be time to discuss one issue.


  • If a patient arrives 10 or more minutes late for an appointment:
    • Depending on the situation, the patient may not be seen and may have to reschedule the visit.
    • A fee for a Missed Appointment may apply.


If a patient is repeatedly late for appointments, the following steps will be taken:


We appreciate that sometimes there are understandable reasons for arriving late and exceptions may apply.



** Click here to download PDF version of this policy **



Click here for more information regarding how being late for an appointment affects other patients and the clinic.