UPDATE AS OF JULY 6, 2016: A small glitch was discovered and these installation instructions have been updated.

For Telus EMR (PS Suite) Users, one of the Tablet Rules was meant to skip the initial screening section of the algorithm for those patients who had certain key words (such as “depression”, “anxiety”, “bipolar”, or “PTSD”) in the Patient Profile of their charts.


Skip First Section 20160706



HOWEVER, what ended up happening was that, for any patient with “Depression” or the other key words already in the Patient Profile, the Algorithm rules re-screened the patient EVERY visit, regardless of the severity of depression based on the previous PHQ-9 score.

The intent was always to vary the frequency at which patients were re-screened, based upon the severity of the last PHQ-9 score. For instance, patients with a low score, minimal depression severity, would only be re-questioned every 6months, not every visit.


In order to correct this, you simply have to delete the one Tablet Rule that applies to the “PSP PHQ-9”, as shown below:

20160706 Delete Rule



Below is video that shows in more detail how to delete the Tablet Rule in question:




Once you delete the one Tablet Rule in question, everything will function perfectly fine as intended.


The only drawback now is that those patients with known, pre-existing, depression will be screened through the initial screening part of the algorithm on their first time through it. On the plus side, perhaps this still offers the benefit of updating those patients who may be in remission, though.



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