“Tablet Rules” are programmable sets of instructions to automatically pre-load eForm(s) on the tablet for a patient to complete when they sign in to the tablet. They are part of what makes the algorithm work automatically, behind the scenes.



UPDATE AS OF JULY 6, 2016: A small glitch was discovered and these installation instructions have been updated. If you installed and started using this algorithm prior to July 6, 2016, then please CLICK HERE to update your site.

If this is your first time installing the algorithm, please proceed as instructed below.



First, DOWNLOAD THIS PDF and keep it on hand. It contains the computer programming scripts. This will all look like bunch of confusing “computer language”. Do not worry, you do not need to know what it means. You will simply need to COPY and PASTE the text from this document.


Next, the following video shows how to set up your Tablet Rules:




Remember to “click and drag” all of your tablets into the “Mental Health PSP” group as shown at the end of the video. Otherwise, the Tablet Rules that you just created will not apply to your tablets and the algorithm will not work properly.



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