New NON-urgent Referral Process

for Belleville and Quinte Ophthalmology

In 2019, the CPSO released its Continuity of Care Policies that mandate processes with respect to referrals to specialists.

Local ophthalmologists were understandably concerned about the challenge of processing the overwhelming number of referrals they receive from the community. Many referrals did not contain enough information to safely triage. There was the potential for an emergent referral to be delayed because it was mistakenly faxed in and now mixed in with stack of faxed referrals.

To solve this issue, Dr. Terry Sakamoto (ophthalmologist) and Dr. Adam Stewart (family physician) collaborated to develop a mutually favourable solution. We are now excited to announce the product of our collaborative project to improve local Ophthalmology Referrals and align with the CPSO’s new Continuity of Care Policies.

Together, we have developed a standardized referral form that can be used for non-urgent referrals to any of the local ophthalmologists.

  • URGENT REFERRALS – still phone the on-call ophthalmologist

  • NON-URGENT REFERRALS – can fax the new standardized form directly to the ophthalmologist of your choice

See video demonstration here:

This is a celebratory example of the potential for grass roots,

mutually beneficial solutions when

local physicians come together and collaborate!