Effective Mar 26, 2010, Dr. Stewart does NOT prescribe oxycodone.

Oxycodone is the narcotic medication in percocets, oxycocets, endocets, and oxycontin. It has a tremendously high potential for addiction, dependence, and abuse.

There are several other suitable alternatives for pain control.


  • Patients who are already under Dr. Stewart’s care and already being prescribed oxycodone will be “grandfathered.” Dr. Stewart will continue to prescribe oxycodone to these patients. However, there will no escalation in dose. Patients will be encouraged to change to an alternative option.
  • Stewart may consider prescribing oxycodone to patients with cancer for whom alternatives have been ineffective or intolerable.
  • Dr. Stewart will renew short-term prescriptions of oxycodone for patients of other physicians in the Centre Hastings Family Health Organization while their main physician are away or unavailable.