For people suffer from frequent headaches, preventing headaches is even more
important treating a headache once once occurs. Here are some important tips to prevent headaches. Some of the tips may sound simple, but please do not underestimate how effective they can be.




  • Proper Sleep:
    – Get enough sleep at night.
    – No napping during the day.
    – Try to wake up the same time every day. Do not sleep in on weekends.
  • Water:
    – Drink at least 1.5 liters per day (i.e. three 500ml bottles or 6 cups)
    – Avoid drinks with added sugars or artificial colours
  • Avoid Caffeine:
    – Caffeine can cause headaches.
  • Exercise:
    – Exercise daily, even just a 30 minute walk.
    – If you cannot go outside, try walking around inside your house.
  • Eat Regulary:
    – Eat a healthy and balanced diet eat regular times through the day.
  • Avoid Too Much Medications:
    – Sometimes taking over-the-counter medications like Tylenol and Advil can cause a headache if taken too often. (i.e. taking as little as 2 days per week or 5 days per month).
    – Especially avoid medications with caffeine or codeine (like Tylenol #1).
  • Natural/Herbal Remedies:
    – These natural remedies are recommended by headache specialists. They can be just as effective as prescription medications at preventing headaches. Try taking one of the following DAILY prevent headaches:
    – Butterbur 50mg two or three times per day
    – CoEnzyme Q10 100mg three times per day
    – Magnesium 300mg to 600mg daily
    – Riboflavin 400mg daily