Online Booking

Online Booking for doctor’s visits

is currently only available for patients of Dr. Stewart


Online Booking is an OPTIONAL service for your convenience. If you need to book a visit, you always have the option of calling the clinic and booking the traditional way.

If you choose to book your appointment using Online Booking, there will be a $10 fee if you are not subscribed to an Annual Plan for uninsured services with PatientServ. (Click here to sign up)

Online Booking appointments is INCLUDED (no fee) if you are subscribed to the Annual Plan.

Click Here to see all of the services included in the The Annual Plan

Note: if you are not yet subscribed to an Annual Plan, you may still choose to book your appointment online now, and subscribe when you come in for your appointment, and this online booking would be INCLUDED in your Annual Plan.

The Online Booking platform is a technology that costs extra overhead. Using the Online Booking platform is not a service that is covered by OHIP.

Dr. Stewart’s Online Booking

Reason For Visit

  • Blood Pressure
  • Cough, Cold, Sore Throat, Ear Infection
  • Diabetes
  • Liquid Nitrogen (for skin spots or warts)
  • Memory Concerns
  • Mental Health
  • PAP (with Dr. Stewart’s nurse)
  • Pregnancy

Reason For Visit

  • Prescription Renewal
  • Driver’s Physical
  • Any other reason not listed

Important Notes:

Online Booking does NOT show options for After-Hours-Clinics.

Online Booking may not be available for all visits types and reasons.

Please contact the clinic to book any of these other options.