Position Statement for OMA Council Election

SGFP District 6 Representative


The OMA desperately needs fresh, invigorated leadership. We members have repeatedly asked the OMA for improved representation. However, our cries for help have been continually ignored.

Ontario’s healthcare system is in desperate need of reform and innovation. However, the expertise of frontline physicians has been continually ignored.

My unrelenting passion to improve both of these provocations has driven me to run for a position on OMA Council.

My name is Adam Stewart. I have practiced comprehensive Family Medicine in Madoc, Ontario since 2009, including part time ER until 2016. I completed my MD as well as residency at the University of Western Ontario. My practice is part of the Central Hastings FHT (CHFHT). I was the Lead Physician of CHFHT, leading projects to nationally recognized awards in the areas of Diabetes Management and Use of Technology in Practice.


Key points for which I stand:

  • The OMA’s primary mandate must be to represent the professional and financial interests of its members, Ontario’s physicians. For too long, this has not been the case.
  • The OMA should operate with full transparency and open communication throughout the entire organization.
  • Physicians care for patients. We are also small business owners. These two values need not be mutually exclusive.
  • Primary care is the foundation and priority of a healthcare system. A strong, vocal, and respected SGFP is crucial.
  • I voted against the tPSA. Not all of it was bad. However, it included absolute deal-breakers such as a hard cap and 100% accountability falling onto physicians.
  • Since the first unilateral cuts, I have repeatedly called for the need for organized Job Action.
  • Income relativity between specialties, and even between practice styles within family medicine, are issues that must be openly and honestly addressed. Similarly, rising overhead costs and demands within primary care must be recognized in remuneration.
  • I have been a fervent advocate for physicians regarding the lack of a PSA and this government’s unilateral impositions – including tireless social media presence as well as numerous grassroots campaigns.
  • We physicians must also tidy up our own house. We must be accountable for the quality of care we provide. Patients, taxpayers, and government have a right to quality (and equality) for their dollars.
  • Quality improvement, data, and metrics are important – but only for concretely meaningful purposes, not just for its own sake.
  • I incessantly seek innovations to improve efficiencies and effectiveness, whether it be at a clinic or on a larger system-level scale.
  • I am a strong proponent of empowering patients with self-management. The healthcare system is in desperate need of an element patient accountability.
  • I vow to be vocal, visible, accessible, and approachable.


I am eager to represent you.





– January 31st, 2017



Twitter: @stewartmedicine

Facebook: @stewartmedicine


** Downloadable PDF version of Position Statement **