Brand Name


What is it used for?

Duloxetine has proven to be one of the most helpful medications for CHRONIC PAIN.

It is worth noting that duloxetine is also used for Depression and Anxiety. However, to be clear, it is helpful as a PAIN MEDICATION on its own, even in patients without depression or anxiety. (That said, chronic pain can affect mental health too, so many people may get both benefits from the medication).

The same ‘neurotransmitters’ (‘brain chemicals’) that are involved in signaling pain are also involved in mood. So that’s why the same medication can be helpful for both PAIN and MOOD.

Possible Side Effects

Most people can take this medication without any major side effects.

Some people may get nausea, bowel upset, or dry mouth. However, if you do notice side effects when you start the medication, please know that most of the side effects are usually mild, tolerable, and usually go away within a couple weeks.

How to take this medication

This is usually a medication you take ONE time per day. It starts as 30mg pill, but can be increased to a higher dose after a month or so, if you are tolerating it fine.

Remember that it may take a 4-6 weeks to start taking effect. Think of this as the medication takes time to “get into your system”.

So, just a reminder:

  • If you get any side effects, they will usually be mild and tolerable, and will go away after a couple weeks.

  • But the benefits of the medication may not be felt for 4-6 weeks, so do not judge how the medication is working or not until after that time.

Disclaimer: this is just the general and common advice regarding this medication that Dr. Stewart tells his patients. It is not intended to be a complete list of all the information about this medication. For complete information, please click on the product monograph here, or contact your pharmacist.