Family Doctors Needlessly Interrupted

For “LU Codes” They’ve Already Done

Every fax.    Every piece of paper.    Every message.

Even if it is just “FYI” without any action required, I have shown how those seemingly negligible interruptions actually cost at least $6.

Anything that requires action or reply (like the example shown below) costs much more ($10 – $30 each).

Video Demonstration:

Family Doctors frequently have to include “Limited Use Codes” (aka “LU Codes) on prescriptions.

These are required for the Ontario Drug Plan to cover certain mediations. The codes are meant to verify this particular patient needs this particular medication for a specific reason.

It is all extra work and mental energy.

But it is even more of burden when Family Doctors are asked for the LU Code on prescriptions they’ve already done! (And this happens FREQUENTLY!)

by Dr. Adam Stewart

February 27th, 2024